Patreon Pledge Drive


In addition to the 2018 Kickstarter, I'm running a Patreon pledge drive. Every one who joins my Patreon site will receive a copy of the special edition of the 2011 Yearbook. I have sold all of my copies of my early Yearbooks. Over the last several years, I've started reprinting a small quantity basically so I could have a copy. I really don't know why it is important to me, but it is. So, I'd like to share one with you. All you have to do is be signed up by June 1, 2018, and I'll send you a copy. If you are also getting in on the Kickstarter, the book will ship along with your Kickstarter rewards. There are many reward levels on Patreon. Along with the monthly rewards, I try to post my work daily, so you can see all the new work before anyone else.