The Art of Mitch Foust 2018 Yearbook Kickstarter Campaign


The Kickstarter Campaign for The Art of Mitch Foust 2018 Yearbook has launched! The 2018 Yearbook will be over 84 pages of drawings, commissions and paintings. There are several other rewards available as well! This year's companion book is Valkyrie Sisters. Valkyrie Sisters will be a book full of images of Valkyries and viking warriors.

Along with the 2018 Yearbook and Valkyrie Sisters, rewards include original art, past yearbooks, and commissions. There are two new products available. One is a collectible card set featuring the Best of The Art of Mitch Foust. This set will come with it's own custom tuck box. It really should be a nice item. The second product available are 4 new playmats. The playmats are 24x14. Images available are Snowfall, Queens of Nubinora, Before the Storm, and On the Warpath.

The 2018 Yearbook will be my tenth yearbook. What started out as a book of my work to sell at San Diego Comic Con has turned into my primary vehicle for showing my work. Each Yearbook contains all of my work from the previous year.