MidSouthCon review


MidSouthCon was March 9-11, 2018. It was a few weeks sooner than normal, which kind of through my prep off a bit. I expanded my my table set up to two tables. I added some bar table risers and they seem to work out real well. I also added two new light fixtures from Pro Panels. They worked out great! MidSouthCon is my hometown convention. I've been attending MidSouthCon for over thirty years. It is usually my first good size show of the year and I usually debut all my new work from over the winter. It gives me a good idea which images are successful. It helps me judge my inventory for larger shows, like Dragoncon. I had one of the most successful MidSouthCons this year. I think it was a combination of new work and the new table set up. Next year, I plan on expanding my Pro Panels with two more sections, to extend my backdrop across the two tables.


Another event that happened at MidSouthCon was the release of Lostborn, by Chris Jowers. This was Chris' first book. I did the cover and a few illustrations for the book. The book was published through Pro Se Productions. The publisher brought three times the amount of books he usually brings for a new author. They sold out by Saturday afternoon. We had a panel discussion Saturday night, followed by a release party. Being a novel about vikings, it was only fitting we drank mead! Lostborn was a great success!


Having done MidSouthCon for so many years, I have a lot of friends there. I got to hang out with several Patrons from my Patreon site. I had some wonderful conversations with artists Melissa Gay and Amanda Makepeace. There were an awful lot of great costumes this year. I'm really bad about not taking pictures of them. It's tough when you are working behind a table most of the day. I did get a few though.


Carlin Stuart, Danny Chamberlin and crew but on a great con. I'm lucky to have a great little con where I live.

Thanks guys!